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The Hangbag™


Introducing The Hangbag™ – A Love-Infused Companion for Every Occasion!

The Hangbag™ has captured hearts far and wide, becoming the beloved choice for those who seek style, functionality, and a touch of positivity in their everyday accessories. Designed to seamlessly accompany you on your daily adventures, this bag is not just a fashion statement; it’s a practical and chic solution for your on-the-go lifestyle.


1. Perfect for Every Day, Every Occasion:
The Hangbag™ effortlessly transitions from casual outings to special occasions. Its versatile design makes it your go-to choice, whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring exotic locales.

2. Travel-Friendly Design:
Ideal for globetrotters, The Hangbag™ is a travel essential. With a thoughtfully designed interior pocket, keep your passport and cash secure, ensuring peace of mind on your journeys.

3. Adjustable Strap for Style Flexibility:
The adjustable strap allows you to wear The Hangbag™ in multiple ways. Whether cross-body or around your waist, adapt your look to complement any outfit effortlessly.

4. Positive Messages Within:
Lift your spirits on any day with The Hangbag™. Tucked inside is a little positive message, your personal dose of encouragement during those moments that need a brightening touch.

5. Ethically Sourced Materials:
We take pride in our sustainable practices. The fabrics and trims of The Hangbag™ are sourced from excess stock from Sri Lankan factories and small, family-run local vendors. Learn more about our commitment to responsible sourcing [here](#).

6. Artisanal Craftsmanship:
Crafted at a small scale, original source and supply seamstresses work from the comfort of their homes. Each Hangbag™ comes with a handtag, revealing the skilled hands that brought it to life.

7. Quality and Durability:
The Hangbag™ is fully lined with a clean finish, ensuring durability and a polished look. Inside, discover a convenient zipped pocket for added organization.

8. Thoughtful Details:
– 2x brass D-rings make the strap easily adjustable.
– Subtle branding on the strap adds a touch of sophistication.
– The leather puller is crafted from excess industry pieces, contributing to our commitment to upcycling.

Embrace style with a purpose – The Hangbag™ is not just an accessory; it’s a statement of conscious living, positive vibes, and enduring quality. Join us in the journey of mindful fashion, where each Hangbag™ tells a story of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the beauty of small, meaningful details.

Original Source and Supply brings us this heavy duty-corduroy Hangbags™ . Hangbag can be worn across the body, off the shoulder or around your waist. They are designed for everyday use to fit all your essentials, including an inside pocket for valuables. The perfect travel companion!




Black, Khaki, Orange, Cream, Rust


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