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Bone and Stick Twist Toy


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Introducing our Bone and Stick Twist Toy – a captivating playtime accessory crafted to delight your furry friend! Designed to mimic the allure of a bone and a stick, this toy is bound to ignite your pet’s natural instincts, prompting them to dive deep into action with each throw and pull.

The unique feature of plaits on the Twizt adds an element of elasticity, creating an engaging texture that encourages your pet to indulge in satisfying bites. Not only does this provide hours of entertainment, but it also contributes to dental health by effectively cleaning teeth with every playful interaction.

We take pride in crafting this toy with the utmost care and consideration for the environment. Made from coir, a biodegradable and nontoxic natural material, our Bone and Stick Twizt Toy is a sustainable choice for conscientious pet owners. The use of natural materials not only stimulates active play in pets due to their authentic feel but also aligns with our commitment to promoting a healthier planet.

Our Twizt Toy is more than just a plaything; it’s a dental hygiene solution. The elasticity of the plaits and the natural coir material work together to cleanse your pet’s teeth and promote healthy gums during play. Say goodbye to mundane chew toys and embrace the interactive, health-conscious choice that is 100% handcrafted with love.

Embrace the spirit of community and sustainability with our Bone and Stick Twizt Toy – proudly 100% Sri Lankan. By choosing our product, you support a decentralized community-based sourcing model, contributing to the livelihoods of local artisans and the rich tapestry of our Sri Lankan heritage.

Bring joy, health, and a touch of Sri Lankan craftsmanship to your pet’s playtime with our Bone and Stick Twist Toy – where every toss and tug becomes a celebration of natural fun!

Dimensions 12-16 × 2-3 × 2 in

made in Sri Lanka, Innovative, Fair trade, Sustainable, Full cycle product, community based sourcing, decentralized


dental cleaning, healthy gums, strong teeth, remove odor, healthy gums


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